ViVa 24-7 : The Professional Video Security System

Prevention is always the best protection. J-Lab profesional video security system is the very best way to secure your residence and property. The system provides prevention alerts, i.e. a potential security breach, logs the information and signals an alert. It allows you to receive e-mail alert of activity and overview video evidence.

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What is Advantages Compared to Other Systems?

  • Essentially higher reliability and availability.

  • Minimal necessary infrastructure (just cameras and access to internet).

  • No need to purchase PC or software equipment for surveillance, security and archiving.

  • You don't need to care for security, reliability and availability of equipment-we take care of it.

  • Easy and uncomplicated system for surveillance, event history reviewing, informing and security.

  • Setting up the time and alert options.

  • Immediate email alerts, home/business telephone call, cell phone call, and security service.

  • Alerts even in the case of electricity supply shortage or failure of internet connection.

  • Easy remote access to real-time activity or to the archives via internet.

  • Easily installed, easily configured and easily used.

  • The 10 Arguments

  • High quality video security system - reliable and easy to operate.

  • Easily installed, easily used.

  • The system, operating without limitation, allows easy access via telephone anytime and anywhere in the world.

  • 24-hour access to archives and security system.

  • Simultaneous system operation details and system operation errors.

  • All information and events recorded (image alarm /identification of intruder).

  • Immediate alarm during the intrusion, electricity supply outage or internet failure.

  • Alarm sent to the telephone and e-mail.

  • Quality equipment for your security needs at a reasonable price.

  • J-Lab professional support and consulting services.